【迷幻女声】Late Night Alumni - Epilogue  

这是一个孤僻的乐队,孤芳自赏。华丽慵懒的女声Becky Williams像丝绸一样瘙痒你的听觉,感受不一样的时尚风情。神秘,性感,充满诱惑。

Late Night Alumni乐队由浩室艺人Kaskade与音乐厂牌Hed Kandi联手组建。从性感的Deep House风格到带有Bossa Nova感的Downtempo Beat再到Trip Hop类型,以女主唱神秘舒适的嗓音娓娓唱出是最浪漫、最神秘,却也是你最熟悉的Hed Kandi时尚味。

If I believed, if I believed
what I’d been told, every day:
to say no grace, every night,
I couldn’t stay here alone.

If I leave this place, everything fades.
What will my ghost embrace?
Will my soul still fill a space?

I walk the halls, endless stairs,
here’s where the floor starts to fade.
With weakened knees, I sway two ways
and fall to the floor where I’ve prayed.

It’s not the same. I don’t fall one way.

One day my light laid wait.
One night a nightfall sang.
A fictional last few days,
an epilogue ends and hangs.

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